We are a creative agency in Tartu, specializing in commercial photography and marketing material design. Whether you want to put some new life into your advertising or design a product catalog – we got you covered!


Commercial photography

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Product photography

Product photography and advertising photography services in Tartu, Estonia. Product photos are usually on clear white background and communicate the features of the product. In advertising photography objects are placed to enviroment, with story and interaction. We produce product photos for e-commerce and catalogues, stylized advertising photos for print and web. Shooting can take place in our studio or on location, from tiny to very large objects.

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360 degrees rotating photos

360 degrees rotating photos are effective in boosting e-commerce sales. Images are created by taking a series of pictures with a product on a turntable and can be rotated by website visitor.

360 photos are photographed on a seamless white background. The weight of the objects can reach 100kg.

We offer 360 photo service from creating the photos to adjusting your website to accept 360 spins.

Food photography

Toidu pildistamiseks on fotostuudios olemas vajalik sisustus ja oskusteave. Toidufoto nõuab lisaks heale fotograafitööle ka toidustilisti abi kompositsioonide ettevalmistamisel ja “silmadega söödavaks” muutmisel. Soovi korral valmistame toortootest valmistoidu ja leiame toimiva stilistika, keskkonna ja rekvisiidid. Meie tehtud toidufotosid leiab nii reklaamides, menüüdes kui ka toidupakenditelt. Ühesõnaga, katame pildistamiseks laua, head isu!



Pildistame esindusfotod ettevõtetele. Pildid töötajatest, tootmine ja seadmepark, üldine elu-olu.


3D visualization

3D visualization creates unlimited possibilities for product photos that do not exists yet or would be to expencive to realize.

The most common area of ​​3D visualization is definitely real estate, which is sold with beautiful images even before construction, while the applications are much wider. Prototype products, sophisticated internal views or taken-appart product photos, too large objects for studio photos or to complicated shooting conditions – all of these situations can be solved with 3D.


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