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Furniture photos

Furniture photos for the furniture manufacturer Ecofurniture. In recent years, shooting furniture has become the main activity for the studio. We do most of the shots at the furniture manufacturer warehouse or production mill, seldom in the studio or in actual live interior.

The furniture shown below took place in the furniture manufacturer’s warehouse, the last picture in the series also shows the “fake living room” created for pictures.

furniture photos of desk and stool
Furniture photos. Client: Ecofurniture
furniture photo
furniture photo

And picture of the “living room” where the pictures were taken. Usually the client doesn’t have suitable interiors for capturing the photos, but there is always some free storage place where temporary room can be created. Two white walls, some fabrics and small interior details are enough to give a cozy environment. The logistical headache of transporting and assembling products will be significantly reduced and thus the overall budget.

staging environment for photography
Temporary “living room” for furniture pictures

More and more furniture manufacturers have built a separate shooting area in the production hall, which is then decorated according to current needs. For a manufacturer with a large catalog of products, the use of a photography studio or live interior would be logistically very complicated – transport, packaging and furniture assembly will eventually take more time than building a few square meters of white wall in the company’s warehouse. Usually manufacturers have enough residual material laying around to make such room at no cost.

bedroom furniture
Furniture photos of bedroom. Staged setup in client’s warehouse.

Not every room is suitable for furniture photos

Some clients wants to use rooms at home to take furniture photos. We have done this in the past and almost always have more problems with it than it’s worth. Usually the rooms are not large enough – for a good photograph it is necessary to have some extra space, ideally 5-6m from furniture to camera to achieve beautiful perspective. Larger furniture requires even more space! In addition, actual room is filled up, so using temporary textiles and transporting furniture many be problems that would not be present in staged rooms.

living room furniture images

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